• Build & Play Christmas Crackers

    Step up your Christmas game with our Build & Play building block crackers. Each cracker contains a set of building blocks and some instructions. Build, create, and spread the joy. Perfect for all ages and endless festive fun.

  • Christmas Crackers with Games

    Make this Christmas extra special with our selection of fun and engaging games that will bring laughter and joy to your Christmas gathering. We will have you playing in a musical pop band, guessing tunes using Kazoos, creating balloon twisting mayhem, modelling things with Play Dough, racing with Christmas Puddings, and many more.

  • Teddy Bear Christmas Crackers

    Soft, cuddly and ever-so-cute, our Teddy Bear crackers each contain a soft and cuddly teddy bear. They're perfect for hugging, snuggling, and brining a little extra love into your life.

  • Novel and unique Christmas Crackers

    Make your Christmas party a blast with our fun and unique Christmas Crackers. We've got Fidget toys to flip, spin, twiddle and twist; Acrobatic Bugs to be spun like a gyroscope and balanced on a cone; Squishy Squashy Penguin Puffers with dressing-up outfits; Dinosaur Eggs which must be excavated to reveal a dinosaur; and Arts & Crafts sewing crackers.

  • Musical Christmas Crackers

    Get ready for a musical Christmas with our musical Christmas Crackers. We've got hand-cranked Music Boxes that play seasonal melodies, Handbell crackers where players work together to play Christmas songs with bells, a Guess that Tune Game where players guess tunes with Kazoos and a wonderful group festive sing-along where everyone sings extracts from the 12 Days of Christmas song.

  • Racing Christmas Crackers

    What can be more fun than racing Christmas toys? All crackers contain a wind-up or pull back Christmas toy and all players must race their toy against the others on the race track provided. Find out who has been in training and who has been eating all the mince pies! Good luck and may the best toy win!