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Kuckoo Crackers

Arts and Crafts Christmas Crackers (6 x 13-inch Crackers)

Arts and Crafts Christmas Crackers (6 x 13-inch Crackers)

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Each cracker contains an easy to use sewing kit with everything you need to make your own Christmas tree decoration. Simply stitch the pre-cut felt pieces together with the embroidery thread, stitch on any adornments, add the stuffing and hang on your tree. It’s as simple as that! A fun introduction to sewing.

Contents: a set of six 13-inch Christmas Crackers by Kuckoo Crackers. Each cracker contains a felt sewing kit with pre-cut felt, embroidery thread, adornments, stuffing and instructions. Crackers also contain a party hat and a joke. 

Approximate cracker length: 13-inches. Approximate box dimension: Height 36.0cm; Width 33.5cm; Depth 6.8cm.  

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