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Kuckoo Crackers

Balloon Game Christmas Crackers (6 x 12-inch Crackers)

Balloon Game Christmas Crackers (6 x 12-inch Crackers)

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Access your creative side with this great fun modelling game. Armed with a balloon pump and modelling balloons, and under the instruction of a balloon modelling guide, players must try and make various models such as a: Dog; Hat; Octopus; Rabbit; and  Butterfly. To spice it up a bit, pick a model and have a modelling race. Good luck! 

Contents: set of six 12-inch Christmas Crackers by Kuckoo Crackers. Each cracker contains 6 modelling balloons, a party tissue crown and a joke. The box also includes 6 balloon modelling guides and one balloon pump.

Approximate cracker length: 12-inches. Approximate box dimension: Height 31.0cm; Width 35.5cm; Depth 5.5cm

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